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We are a community based, virtual wellness platform to serve others through healthy and holistic living.

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Kelly, Lauren & Mary


Mary Vanesko

I was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania, my roots are very important to me as they have given me the freedom to be exactly who I am today. By day, I work as an Occupational Therapist. Over the last seven years, I have been blessed with a career that fosters…

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Lauren Jacobs

Lauren Jacobs is a Yoga Alliance certified 200-hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). She began her movement training at age three, when her mom signed her up for ballet class. After sticking her tongue out at her teacher a few too many times, Lauren was forced into early retirement. At…

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Kelly Connors

A lifelong fitness enthusiast, Kelly has always enjoyed staying active and healthy. After discovering yoga a few years ago, she tapped into the benefits of a fitness routine that combined both mind and body. Kelly’s love of yoga is growing into a love of teaching as she is currently pursuing her 200hr YTT. The only…

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Ashley Hughes

Ashley Hughes is a certified 200RYT and Yoga Sculpt Instructor through Core Power Yoga.

Ashley’s yoga journey began on New Year’s Day 2013. She resolved to take one yoga class a week while she trained for her second marathon. Seven days into the New Year she ruptured her L5, a disc in her low spine, while lifting, for the fourth time. After months of physical therapy, epidurals and debates over spinal fusion at the age of 23, Ashley’s parents encouraged her to try yoga before committing to surgery.

What started as a slow and frustrating journey quickly became a passion and Ashley completed her first teacher training in Spring 2014. Because of her injury, Ashley pays serious attention to alignment and establishing strong foundations. Her practice and teaching style is best described as athletic and motivating. She understands every day is a different day, and sometimes students need an extra push, and sometimes students are there to relax.

Having worked in DC, a results orientated city with a timeline for everything, Ashley recognizes yoga to be a practice in which students get to go at his or her own pace. This holds true for any level of yogi, and especially those recovering from an injury.

When Ashley is not on her mat, she is a full-time grad student with FIFA’s Sport Management, Humanities and Law program in Europe. The opportunity to teach with Kulacore online is the perfect outlet to continue teaching from afar.

To stay up to date with Ashley and find fast flow, follow Ashley on Instagram @shleyhughes.



Lindsay Partusch Goldstein

Lindsay has been a devoted yoga practitioner and fitness enthusiast for over 15 years now (feeling old!). She approaches health and wellness holistically as a Yoga Alliance certified 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. With a full time desk job and a crazy toddler, she fully understands the challenges of working “me” time into our already busy schedules.

Her High-Intensity Yoga classes are physically and mentally challenging, but she encourages students to approach yoga and fitness with love, humility and laughter.

Bill English

Bill first discovered the benefits of yoga while living, working and rock climbing in Tetons Nationals Parks in 1998. Since then, the benefits of stretching and connectivity between mind and body have been core elements in both his teachings and personal wellness endeavors.

By integrating years of experience in multiple training and conditioning disciplines, in 2014 Bill created his own 600HR certification program BE Wellness Coaching. The program includes a foundation of modified yoga poses, balance work and functional strength training working up to performing Russian-style Kettlebell, Barre and Compound Movements — each with multiple variations.

Bill strives to bring a condensed version of the BE Wellness framework to his Kula Core class Foundations of Form.

Bill is a Wellness Coach in Washington DC for corporate and individual clients. He has partnered with Cigna and Kaiser Permanente to design and facilitate fitness, wellness and nutrition classes for employees at a variety of companies and organizations under their respective wellness programs.

With his individual clients, Bill advocates for lifelong, incremental adjustments and a whole foods diet — over diet and fitness trends. Individual client highlights include: a 136 lb weight loss in 1 year, races/marathons and world triathlon. He is also a believer in driving accountability and tracking progress with biometrics and apps/wearable devices like Fitbit.

Bill holds a BS from the Pennsylvania State University. Before changing careers to health and wellness, he worked for Lockheed Martin for 10 years. Bill is also an experienced educator and speaker on holistic and herbal healing. Follow and learn more on Instagram: @dcwellnesssolutions


Sima Tamaddon

I was in a severe car accident in 1999 that left me with little mobility in my right leg and subsequently took up yoga reluctantly. After just a few months of consistent practice I started to see how much of a positive impact it was having on my life. After several years of practicing I decided to leave my career in finance to teach yoga. It is my hope to change other peoples lives as well. Nothing brings me a greater sense of satisfaction than someone who takes my class and says “I feel so much better.”

Yoga allows one to become aware of his or her weaker links not just physically but also mentally. There have been many times that I have addressed my fears on the mat that have allowed me to dive deeper into my challenges off the mat. For example, running my first 50k there were numerous times my body wanted to quit but my breathe and mental fortitude from my yoga practice helped me recite “Just keeping moving.” That mantra carried me to the finish line. I don’t just do yoga and run; I also aim to keep up with my active 10 year old and infant, bike and swim. My hope is that yoga will support whatever physical or emotional needs you may have.

Sarah Jayne Bleiweis

Sarah Jayne is a Kick Asana Yoga Instructor (E-RYT), Artist, and Educator (MAT). Her journey with yoga & fitness began when she returned from living in the Middle East, where she was working as a School Art Teacher for orphaned and at-risk children in Bethlehem. It was one of her most challenging yet life-changing experiences, and she struggled with her transition back to the US.

Yoga showed Sarah Jayne how to stay true to what she really loves, being her passions for art, children’s rights, education and of course yoga. She currently teaches her trademarked Kick Asana Class (a fusion of kickboxing and yoga) on the majestic North Shore Beaches of Oahu, Hawaii and is a school Art Teacher at Sunset Beach Elementary. Sarah Jayne continues to visit her former art students in Bethlehem, through her nonprofit The Mural Dream Team, where her goal is to paint 100 murals with at-risk children both locally and globally.

Favorite Quote: “Respond to every call that excites your spirit.” -RUMI

You can connect with Sarah Jayne through her instructor page or email at sarahjayneyoga@gmail.com


Kendra Vanesko

Hi my name is Kendra Vanesko. My passion for health and wellness has brought me to yoga. After practicing for about 3 years at home, at yoga studios, and with Mary Vanesko I decided to take a leap and become a teacher! I loved using yoga as a form on exercise and calming my mind. By day I am in marketing and sales and right now I am currently working hard to receive my 500YTT with Yogadownload by Alanna Kaivayla who has founded her own yoga method. I’ve been opened up to many new topics within yoga and hope to share them all with you! Such as alignments within poses, our chakras, poses specific to body parts. I love to help others feel the best about themselves and I believe yoga can do that for them on and off the mat!

You can continue follow my journey in life and yoga on Instagram @createyourownyogi